sobota, 2 października 2010


Hello everyone, it's Saturday today!
And why am I so excited about it? It's because Saturday is the BEST day in the whole week!
But firstly, a bit about the name:

According to our infamous Wikipedia - Saturday was named no later than the second century for the planet Saturn, which controlled the first hour of that day according to Vettius Valens. Its Latin name dies Saturni ("Saturn's Day") entered into Old English as Sæternesdæg.
  The association of the days of the seven-day week probably dates to the Hellenistic period.
Apparently in every single country word meaning Saturday comes from the planet (Saturn), Earth or even bath!
Taking that into consideration - long ago everyone knew Saturday was a very special day, though everyone celebrated it differently.

And here comes the question - why do I like Saturday?
The reason is - it's a day after Friday and just before Sunday, day of laziness and vain, day of sitting-all-day-long-on-the-sofa-and-watching-TV (or PC in this case).

Here is a question for you - if you for some reason don't like Saturday, tell us why!

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  1. Saturday's do indeed rule. The day when works gone and there's no work tomorrow, it's just awesome.

  2. interesting info, will help in trivia games no doubt.
    btw i love saturdays :D

  3. Really, who doesn't love Saturday?

  4. Yay, who doesn't love saturday... I mean, sleeping until 7pm... =) Oh joy

  5. Saturday is the day I get personal shit done! =p

  6. Why do i not like Saturdays.

    I always work a 7am - 4pm shift Saturday at McDonalds.


  7. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  8. Actually, Saturday, being after Friday, is hangover day for me. Then again, I drink way more often than just on Friday nights...
    Also, did you know that Vikings used to bathe on Saturdays?

  9. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  10. Saturday is great, how can you not like Saturday?